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Our Story

It's actually a love story. Plant nerd meets girl. His infectious enthusiasm for orchids charmed her and won her heart. Their love grew and blossomed, as did their orchid collection (it was really out of control). One day Jennifer told Blaine, "Stop buying, or start selling!" thinking that would curb his orchid habit.  But it didn't, and that was the birth of Orchids for the People.

In 2001, Orchids for the People opened their nursery doors and have continued to grow over the years, adding new plants, products, and services. They currently grow over 1000 varieties of cool and intermediate growing orchids. Blaine, Jennifer, and their knowledgeable staff strive to dispell the myth that orchids are fragile, or hard to grow, and offer their extensive collective knowledge, skills, and support to help everyone be successful orchid growers.