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    • Coelogyne mooreana
    • Coelogyne mooreana

    Coelogyne mooreana ('Brockhurst' FCC/RHS x Jungle collected clone). Well established blooming size 3 bulb division in a 3.5" pot. Please note: we cut all the top 1/2 of all old leaves off. This prevents the plant from flopping around while new roots anchor it.

    Flower multiple times a year. These plants are somewhat hard to find and we are happy to have them available, if only for a short time! 

    The flowers on these plants are better than 'Brockhurst'  FCC/RHS!

    Beautiful flower from Vietnam. These grow best in cool to intermediate temps with partial shade. The crystalline white flowers have an orange throat. Beautiful fragrance! Each spike carries 3-8 flowers. Spring-Fall bloomer.

    Cool to warm temps, likes to be watered year-round and prefers bright indirect light. 

    We love Coelogynes! Very limited quantities.

    Light Requirements:
    Bright, Indirect Sun

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