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    Masdevallia Bella Donna 'Snow Blush' HCC/AOS

    • Masdevallia Bella Donna 'Snow Blush' HCC/AOS
    • Masdevallia Bella Donna 'Snow Blush' HCC/AOS

    This plant is currently unavailable for sale. Available Spring 2022.

    Masdevallia Bella Donna 'Snow Blush' HCC/AOS (coccinea alba 'White Rabbit' x datura 'Morning Glory'). Large, well established plants in 4" pots. Not often seen for sale, we have a limited quantity.

    This is a beautiful hybrid Masdevallia! The large flowers open almost pure white with a hint of lavender around the lower edge. As the flower matures it turns increasingly lavender until it reaches almost up to the throat. The cooler the plant is kept the more intense the color saturation becomes. A very floriferous plant!

    Cold to intermediate. Partial shade. Never let the plant remain dry for an extended period, especially in temps over 75°F.

    Primary Color:
    Light Requirements:
    Partial Shade
    Bloom Season:
    Spring, Summer
    Current Plant Size:
    Blooming size
    Mature Plant Size:
    Species vs Hybrid:
    Temperature Range:

Shipping Info

1 plant-$11.00,   2 plants-$14.50,   3 plants-$18.00,   4 plants-$21.50,   5 plants-$25.00,   More than 5 plants but less than $150- $28.50,   $150 or more- Shipping is free! 


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