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    • Anancheilium chimborazoense flower closeup
    • Anancheilium chimborazoense orchid plant

    Anancheilium chimborazoense. Very hardy plants that produce flowers throughout the year (Whenever new growths reach blooming size).

    Here is a link to the amazing website orchidspecies.com for more info and a pictures.

    Note about the flower picture: This is a picture of A fragrans, a very close relative of A chimborazoense. The only difference is the spots seen at the base of the petals of A fragrans do not spread up the petals as they do in A chimborazoense. I will update with a picture of Anancheilium chimborazoense  ASAP.

    Pleasantly fragrant, especially lat in the day and early evening.

    Primary Color:
    Light Requirements:
    Partial Shade, Bright, Indirect Sun
    Bloom Season:
    Year round
    Smells Nice
    Current Plant Size:
    Blooming size
    Mature Plant Size:
    Species vs Hybrid: