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    • cool growing Maxillaria sophronitis
    • cool growing Maxillaria sophronitis flower closeup
    • cool growing Maxillaria sophronitis flower closeup

    Some people consider these "miniature" plants but we like to call them "small". The plants tend to have a creeping, mat-like habit so it prefers to be mounted. It's considered a rain forest orchid so it prefers cooler temps and moderate, consistent moisture and high humidity. This is an easy, fast growing plant. The beautiful orange-red flowers are easy to spot and are quite pretty.

    We expect this orchid to be ready for sale by Winter 2019.

    Primary Color:
    Light Requirements:
    Partial Shade
    Bloom Season:
    Year round
    Current Plant Size:
    Blooming size
    Mature Plant Size:
    Species vs Hybrid: