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    • Streptocarpus cooperi
    • Streptocarpus cooperi
    • Streptocarpus cooperi

    This was a fun experiment!  We will no longer carry these for sale online-greenhouse sales only. We do not expect to carry these plants online again.

    Streptocarpus cooperi seedling in a plug ready to be potted into a pot (we recommend 5”-6” pot) or into a hanging basket (like a Staghorn fern). This is the perfect size at which to purchase this plant because we can protect the not-yet huge leaf from damage during shipping.

    This amazing gesneriad (related to African violets, Gloxinia and Sinnigia) is a unifoliate plant. During its lifetime it only produces one leaf which never stops growing! The dark green, velvety heart-shaped leaf can reach 1 foot across and up to 2 feet long! Plants flower in 18-24 months (15-30 lavender, trumpet-shaped flowers on a 2-foot-long branching stem) and then die. Fret not! The seeds are easy to collect and germinate to keep the fun alive.

    This is a great office plant, school project to get the wee ones interested in plants, Gesneriad club purchase, or just to see how big and perfect a leaf you can grow. Make it a contest with your friends!

    In the wild the leaf gets beat up and can brown around the margin (the leaf grows from the base, not the edge). If you want the biggest, prettiest leaf possible, grow the plant in a hanging basket or in a large (wide, not necessarily deep) pot that won’t be moved often. I grew a nearly 2-foot-long leaf last year right on a greenhouse bench in a 6” pot and it was perfect until nearly the end of its lifespan.

    Care: These guys are easy to grow in the house. They prefer a shady spot or artificial light. House temps (58-80) are fine. They do not like to dry out (this will definitely cause browning around the leaf margin) so keep them moist all the time. Basically, grow them like an African violet or any other Gesneriad!

    Light Requirements:
    Indirect light
    Bloom Season:
    Current Plant Size:
    Mature Plant Size:
    Temperature Range:

Shipping Info

1 Plant-$11.00,   2 Plants-$14.50,   3 Plants-$18.00,   4 Plants-$21.50,   5 Plants-$25.00,   More than 5 Plants but less than $150- $28.50,   $150 or more- Shipping is free! 

A box warmer is included in your shipment, free of charge, if needed to ensure plant's well being. Other sellers charge up to $4 for this! We ship USPS Priority only.

International shipping is the cost of postage + $5 for packing costs, usually $30-35 for orders up to 1 kilo. Over a kilo is only a bit more, so multiple plant orders are more cost-effective. 3 adult plants or 10 seedlings usually weigh about a kilo. We ship by U.S. Postal Service priority mail. You can check out postage rates at

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