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    • Dracula erythrochaete
    • Dracula erythrochaete
    • Dracula erythrochaete

    Recently repotted blooming size plant in a 3" net pot. 

    This species produces flowers that truly have a monkey face (I actually see baboon)! This species produces flowers with white sepals with red stripes that radiate from the center and a red dot on its "forehead". Main body of the flower is 1.5" and overall length is 4". Not only that, each flower spike will produce 2-5 flowers in succession over a period of a couple of months. The 4" flower spikes will emerge from around the margin of the plant as well as out of the sides and bottom of the basket and the flowers face down. Must be hung because of the flowering habit.

    Flowers (for us) late summer-winter. May flower this year under ideal conditions but most likely will not flower until next year.

    These plants are wonderful to own if you can give them what they want. Dracula culture is simple; cool, moist, and shady. The nice thing about this group is if you can grow one Drac you can pretty much grow them all. Like their cousins the Masdevallias, when these plants are happy they grow like weeds and are prolific flowerers. 

    Light Requirements:
    Full Shade
    Bloom Season:
    Spring, Summer
    Current Plant Size:
    Blooming size
    Mature Plant Size:
    Species vs Hybrid:
    Temperature Range:

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