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    • Oncidium sphacelatum
    • Oncidium sphacelatum
    • Oncidium sphacelatum
    • Oncidium sphacelatum

    Large, well-established blooming size plant in a 3.25" pot.

    This is an Oncidium on steroids! It's the largest Oncidium species I know of. It's not quite Grammatophyllum big, but it's close.
    This easy-to-grow orchid produces 6' long flower spikes that carry 50-100+ 1", lightly fragrant bright yellow flowers with maroon markings. I prefer to grow specimens in large hanging baskets. so I don't have to repot often. If you live somewhere where you can mount it to a tree (FL, gulf coast, San Diego, etc) and let it go, you are in for a treat!

    Care: Intermediate-hot temps, indirect light, regular watering, and fertilizer spring-fall and let it dry out between waterings in the winter.

    Light Requirements:
    Indirect light, Bright, Indirect Sun
    Smells Nice
    Current Plant Size:
    Blooming size
    Mature Plant Size:
    Species vs Hybrid:
    Temperature Range:
    Hot, Warm, Intermediate

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