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    Pleione formosana

    • Pleione formosana
    • Pleione formosana
    • Pleione formosana

    All the bulbs have been planted for the year. We generally don't sell Pleiones once they have been potted because of their weight for shipping. Please contact us if you are interested in purchase.

    Large, mature bare-root bulbs of Pleione formosana. Raised in our lab from seed, bred from our finest examples. Sold in groups of 3.  

    Breaking from dormancy! Ready to be potted. Ready to flower! 

    I think these are some of the most magnificent orchids grown in cultivation today. Very large lavender petals and an elongated white frilly lip with brown spots. The flowers are even more spectacular because they bloom when there is still very little foliage so all you see are the flowers!

    The plants die back to the ground in late fall and need a dry, cold rest for a couple of months. When the leaves start looking ragged in the fall we dig them all up, sort them for size, store them in boxes in a cool, dry place, and don't bother them until we see new sprouts in January February. Flowers emerge soon after. They seem to prefer shallow "bulb pans" with a mix of 1/2 soil 1/2 fine bark with the bulbs sitting on top of the mix. Medium-light and Medium temps while active. Hardy to 20 degrees, many people grow them outdoors in mild climates.


    Primary Color:
    Light Requirements:
    Bright, Indirect Sun
    Bloom Season:
    Spring, Winter
    Current Plant Size:
    Blooming size
    Mature Plant Size:
    Species vs Hybrid:
    Temperature Range:
    Cool, Cold

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Shipping Info

3-12 bulbs-$11.00, 13-30 bulbs-$14.50   Purchase $150 or more- Shipping is free!

A box warmer is included in your shipment, free of charge if needed to ensure the plant's well-being. Other sellers charge up to $4 for this! We ship USPS Priority only.

International shipping is the cost of postage + $5 for packing costs, usually $30-35 for orders up to 1 kilo. Over a kilo is only a bit more, so multiple plant orders are more cost-effective. 3 adult plants or 10 seedlings usually weigh about a kilo. We ship by U.S. Postal Service priority mail. You can check out postage rates at

To place international orders please email us! We can do phyto and CITES for additional cost upon request. All applicable paperwork is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Please email with any and all questions.