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    • scaphosepalum beluosum closeup
    • scaphosepalum beluosum sideview
    • scaphosepalum beluosum in 3" basket
    • scaphosepalum beluosum fangs
    • scaphosepalum beluosum
    • scaphosepalum beluosum closeup

    Very limited quantities!

    Scaphosepalums are cool! The flowers are weird, they bloom a lot, and the spikes last over a year. The plant size we offer is in flower 12 months a year! What more could you want?

    S beluosum flowers are about the size of a dime but worth bending over and getting close to view. Hairy and fanged, the flowers have a gold background with brown markings and a red/purple column. The spikes bloom successively in flushes so it appears the side of the pot or basket is covered in tiny alien insects! Each spike may produce over 30 flowers over its lifespan. 

    Young leaves are initially a purple/wine color and turn green as they mature. Under bright light conditions the leaves will remain a blotchy purple/green combo. Beautiful striking foliage.

    Like almost pleurothallids, this plant should be grown cold-intermediate with shady, high humidity conditions with year round watering. Should never be allowed to dry out completely.

    Here is a link to the amazing website for more info and pics.

    Primary Color:
    Light Requirements:
    Partial Shade
    Bloom Season:
    Year round
    Current Plant Size:
    Blooming size
    Mature Plant Size:
    Species vs Hybrid:

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