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    Stanhopea platyceras x oculata

    • Stanhopea platyceras x oculata
    • Stanhopea platyceras x oculata
    • Stanhopea platyceras x oculata

    Stanhopea (platyceras x oculata) seedling in a 2" pot. These plants can be left in this pot until 2021 or put in a basket or mounted right away. Please note: Stanhopea flower downward and must be planted in a slatted basket, a net pot with large openings or mounted prior to reaching maturity.

    This should be an interesting cross and it will definitely have spots!  We're hoping the eye spots and some of the yellow coloration from oculata are inherited. 

    Light Requirements:
    Partial Shade
    Current Plant Size:
    Mature Plant Size:
    Species vs Hybrid:
    Temperature Range:

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