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    3.25" Waterdance Pots For Orchids

    • Orchid 8 months in waterdance pot and cocofiber
    • Waterdance orchid pot, 3.75", bottom view
    • Waterdance orchid pot, 3.75", top view
    • Waterdance orchid pot, 3.75", side view

    3.25" wide (at the top) x 3.75" tall square Waterdance pots. 

    Lightweight, durable, and relatively inexpensive. Here at the Orchids for the People nursery, this is our go-to pot for "4inch" plants!

    The advantage these pots have is the bottom. Instead of drain holes, these pots simply have a screen over the bottom. This allows air to easily circulate and penetrate the pots from the bottom and oxygenate the roots.

    Not only that, but it also eliminates water pooling in the bottom of the pot eliminating the biggest source of root rot. In addition, any fine, decomposing potting medium falls right out the bottom, eliminating the accumulation of anaerobic "mud" in the bottom of the pot. Plus, these pots have "feet" at each corner which raise the bottom of the pot up off the table allowing for even better air circulation around the bottom of the pot.

    When used with our long-strand coconut fiber, we think it is one of the best ways to grow orchids!

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