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    Coconut Fiber for Potting and Mounting

    • Orchid potted in long-strand coconut fiber
    • Orchid  being repotted into long-strand coconut fiber
    • Orchid root growth 8 months after repotted into long-strand coconut fiber
    • Orchid roots and spikes penetrate coconut fiber easily in hanging baskets
    • long-strand coconut fiber
    • Long-strand coconut fiber great for lining flower baskets
    • Long-strand coconut fibers protect roots on mounted orchids

    1 lb of Long coconut husk fiber. Great for many plant uses, particularly with orchids. 

    $6 discount when you purchase 3 lbs (make sure you choose the "3 lb" option, not 3 of the "1 lb" option)!

    Here at the Orchids For The People nursery this is our go-to potting medium! 95+% of our plants now live in just coconut fiber! It’s easy to use. When using it as a potting medium just fluff it up, pillow (don’t wrap) it around the roots and stuff the whole “unit” into a pot with really good drainage. We recommend terra cotta pots or “Waterdance” pots, which we also sell. The “unit” should be very snug in the pot.

    What we love about coco fiber:

    • Slow to break down. Will easily last 2 years, the maximum recommended time between repottings.
    • Very lightweight (easy on the back and the tables).
    • Holds moisture while allowing great air circulation when used with the appropriate pot (lots of drain holes) or basket.
    • Roots and flower spikes penetrate easily. You never have to worry about whether or not your Stanhopea or Dracula flower spike is going to make it out of the basket!
    • We also use it to wrap plants before mounting them. This protects fragile roots during the process and creates a small, more damp microclimate allowing the plant to acclimate quicker with less stress. Plus, it helps hide the wire or string used to affix the plant to the mount.
    • We also use it to "top dress” pots when using other potting mediums. This prevents weed growth, slows water loss, soil erosion due to overhead watering, and moss and algae from accumulating on top of certain mediums such as sphagnum moss. 

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