Greenhouses open by appointment only. Please schedule by calling the nursery, or through our Facebook Page. Home rental clients may come in to exchange plants any day during daylight hours.
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Perpetual Petals. . .Orchid Rentals for your Home


Rent one or more orchids and exchange the orchids as often as you want during open nursery hours!







A perfect service for people who love orchids, but don't have the time, patience or right home environment for reblooming. Or for folks who are buying orchids only to throw them away after the blossoms and done. So many colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from!

Perpetual Petals makes a wonderful gift!


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does the service cost? Only $17+tax per month if you keep one plant home at a time, $32+tax for two. Same low price no matter how many times you exchange the orchids throughout the month.
  2. Do I need to water the orchid while at my house? Yes, if you are keeping the plant longer than one week we ask that you monitor the plant and water when necessary. But don't worry - we'll go over how to tell when the plant is thirsty and how much to water.
  3. What happens if I kill the orchid? If you kill the orchid you are responsible for the retail cost of the plant, but not the rental. This has only happened one time the 17 years we have had this service! The client accidentally left the orchid in her car for several days during the dog days of summer and fried the plant.
  4. Do I need to commit to having the service for a certain amount of time? No, the service is month to month. Either you or Orchids for the People can stop the service at any time.