Greenhouses open by appointment only. Please schedule by calling the nursery, or through our Facebook Page. Home rental clients may come in to exchange plants any day during daylight hours.
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Making Babies

After years of sending our orchid seeds to labs and dealing with lack of communication, quality issues and closures, we decided to put our formal educations to work and build our own facility.

We started from the ground up and constructed a lab for birthing orchids! Airtight, climate controlled, HEPA filtered, positive pressure clean room for the lowest possible risk of contamination. We use state of the art LED lighting to ensure a quality growing environment and to reduce our carbon footprint, helping to keep our business green!

As growers, we are very familiar with the trials and tribulations of dealing with the propagation lab. The process and products of our lab directly stem from our frustrations as a client and from observing the best practices of great propagation labs.

We Offer 

  • Quarterly Hand Deliveries to Many West-Coast Cities We offer scheduled hand delivery to many Northern to Central California metro areas. No more jumbled flasks arriving in the mail. This will allow you to acclimate your flasks in their new space instead of rushing to get them out of their destroyed flask.  Other West Coast deliveries may be available. Pricing varies.

  • Confidentiality  Complete confidentiality and control over your proprietary plant material. Any plant material left over after your order is completed will be destroyed immediately.

  • Real-Time Info & Updates Online All information on the status of your orders will be available online, 24 hours a day. It is updated in real-time, allowing you to see how your orders are proceeding and anticipated delivery dates.

  • Highest Quality Finished Flasks We use polypropylene 'deli' containers for all our flasks, ensuring an easy and gentle deflasking process. All final flasks are planted with 35 plants so you receive at least 30 plants per flask.  We strive for size uniformity and adequate spacing to alleviate deflasking  stresses on the plants.

Download our Flasking Brochure and Pricing Information